UrbanHIT – Urban Heterogeneity and Infrastructure Transitions


New article published on equitable access in Maputo’s urban periphery – Open Access

Enabling equitable energy access for Mozambique? Heterogeneous energy infrastructures in Maputo’s growing urban periphery This article concerns the relationship between uneven peri-urban growth and heterogeneous energy infrastructures in Metropolitan Maputo, Mozambique. Much research has documented how the diversity and overlap of different energy configurations define energy access in African cities. However, very little attention has…

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New open-access journal article in Sustainability Science

Translating the sustainable development goals in national development planning: the case of Mozambique’s energy for all programme The international community has emphasised the importance of governments adapting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to national policy priorities. Whilst sustainability assessment frameworks and indicators are meant to facilitate adaptation, their assumption of high institutional capacity…

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New Journal article in Energy Research & Social Science

Rethinking energy transitions in Southern cities: Urban and infrastructural heterogeneity in Dar es Salaam Despite increasing attention to the complex geographies of energy supply and use in Southern cities, energy research is still largely focusing on energy transitions evolving either through homogeneous, networked electricity or heterogeneous constellations in poor neighborhoods. Central to this research are…

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