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UrbanHIT – Urban Heterogeneity and Infrastructure Transitions


New round of CoP meetings

In July 2019, the whole research consortium organized two further meetings of the Communities of Practice (CoP) in Maputo and Dar es Salaam, marking the third overall in each city.

Researchers presented their initial findings on the diversity of urban electricity constellations (Mathias Koepke) and in-depth observations of two low-income settlements (Dr. Msangi) in Dar es Salaam, as well as work on sustainability frameworks in urban energy provision and governance (Dr. Viégas Filipe). This was complemented by a guest from the research group on critical infrastructures at TU Darmstadt in Germany, Joyce Kuusaana. She presented her work on urban resilience in relation to electricity back-up systems. The presentations sparked fruitful discussions on the broader implications of these findings and helped to steer the individual projects for the upcoming months.

The team used this opportunity to jointly visit different sites of research within the two cities. This included a resettlement project in Chamazi (Dar es Salaam), where the people were able to fulfill their energy needs with community-financed solar systems with help by the Urban Poor Fund of the NGO Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI).

Mrs. Kanizio from the Tanzanian energy regulator EWURA explaining her point of view during the CoP meeting

Dr. Viégas Filipe presenting his early findings.

The team making its way through Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, during a field visit with TANESCO staff.