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UrbanHIT – Urban Heterogeneity and Infrastructure Transitions


Project members participate in workshop on heterogeneous infrastructures in Africa

Mathias Koepke and Dr. Shaun Smith  traveled to Kampala, Uganda in the period of November 12-15, 2018 to participate in a workshop that was co-organized by Prof. Monstadt. Hosted by the Situated Urban Political Ecology collective and Urban Action Lab at Makerere University, the workshop discussed the dynamic configurations of people and technology that constitute urban infrastructures in sub-Sahara Africa in particular.

The researchers could present their findings and discuss them with others equally interested in heterogeneity as a key feature of urban infrastructure service provision. With renowned academics and members of our Advisory Board present, the workshop also increased and strengthened the broader network of our project.

Discussions during an interactive workshop session.

Field visit site: A waste collection project in an informal settlement